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Your 7-Step IT Profitability Road Map For 2024

If you’re hoping to cut costs and boost profitability in 2024 without compromising productivity or efficiency, assessing the technology you use in day-to-day operations is one of the first areas in your business to examine.

We’ve created a road map that you can use to go step-by-step through your organization to determine if and where you can be saving money or utilising new or better technology to improve operational efficiency.

Technology Inventory:

Conduct a comprehensive inventory of your current technology assets, including hardware, software licenses and peripherals like monitors, printers, keyboards, etc.

Identify outdated or underutilized equipment that can be upgraded or decommissioned.

Software Licensing and Subscriptions:

Review all software licenses and subscriptions to ensure compliance.

Identify any unused or redundant software and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Cloud Services Optimization:

Evaluate your usage of cloud services and consider optimizing resources based on actual needs.

Monitor and adjust cloud service subscriptions to match fluctuating business demands.

Evaluate security protocols for cloud-based services to ensure you’re not at risk of a data breach. This can be an expensive problem, so do not skip it.

Remote Work Infrastructure:

Optimize remote work capabilities to support flexible working arrangements. Inefficiency in this area will decrease productivity, inflate costs and increase cyber security risks.

Invest in secure collaboration tools and virtual private network (VPN) solutions for remote access.

IT Security Measures:

Regularly update and patch software to address security vulnerabilities.

Ensure that antivirus, anti-malware and other security solutions are up-to-date and active.

Conduct regular security audits and employee training to prevent security breaches.

NOTE: This cyber security measures list barely scratches the surface. If you haven’t had a professional dig into your security solutions, this needs to be a priority. Data breaches are expensive and can shut a business down. Click here to book a call with our team.

Mobile Device Management (MDM):

Implement MDM solutions to manage and secure mobile devices used by employees.

Enforce policies that ensure data security on company-issued or BYOD (bring your own device) devices.

Employee Training Programs:

Provide ongoing training programs to enhance employees’ IT skills and awareness.

Reduce support costs by empowering employees to troubleshoot common issues independently.

By systematically addressing these areas, business owners can enhance their IT infrastructure, drive productivity and achieve cost savings that contribute to overall profitability. Regularly revisiting and updating this checklist will help businesses stay agile in the ever-changing landscape of technology and business operations.

If you need help implementing the action steps on this list, our team is ready to help. Click here to book a FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call with our team, where we’ll discuss what your company needs and answer questions you might have.

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